If you have issues with the Comment Reply feature, located in the Campaign Section. Please follow the information here for help and if you still have issues, don't hesitate to contact us.

When you look at your campaign dashboard and it looks like the image below, click the "Access Token" to get new token and "Webhook" to reactivate it.

Deleting the application from your facebook profile will trigger the reset of the token, which is generally the issue. Usually, our system is able to do this without your knowing, but sometimes you need to override it.

When you've determined that everything is okay, there is likely one other reason you comments or private message are not going through to Facebook. Line breaks and white spacing - make sure you don't have next line breaks in the comments and private message. For some reason, the api will break and not send this out. We have tried numerous times to create a work around, but it always breaks on Facebook end.