This article will help you address troubleshooting your application and some common issues that might happen. Honestly, there is an incredible amount of reason your application might not be working. When using 3rd party APIs and linking them together, glitches and problem will occur.

" My application isn't working, or My application isn't sending messages .. "

One of the more common problems is your application is not "LIVE". From the image below you can see that inside the APP REVIEW tab, there is a toggle at the top, when you application is approved and you're ready to use it - make sure this toggle is enabled.

We have found there to be some glitches with accounts that previously uses "Messaging Settings" within Facebook. If you have these settings turned on, you could and mostly likely will have conflicts. If you have a " GET STARTED GREETING " in SocialResponder, it will be turned on here and have information there. DO NOT EDIT it from this page, use our application to do this. You can leave that on - it's not going to create an issue. 

Please make sure your settings are the same as below.

Enabling Messages With Facebook Pages

In order for our platform to work correctly, please make sure your Facebook Page has the messages enabled. Otherwise, you will not be able to send or receive messages. Please view the image below for more information and settings.

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